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Orthodontic Scale & Polish in Cornwall - £85

Approximate 40 min hygiene appointment.

Gentle teeth clean for patients with all types of braces. We will safely remove stains, plaque and tartar build-up around your teeth and brace brackets using our ultrasonic scaler and our state of the art EMS Airflow system. Our thorough clean removes build-up above and below each bracket, as well as the interproximal areas. This will be followed by our minty desensitising polishing paste to help prevent sensitivity and remove any further final stains.

Orthodontic scale

Our hygienist will also demonstrate how to keep your braces and teeth clean benefitting patient’s teeth and gum health and also provide complimentary diet advice ensuring optimum oral health can be maintained.

Airflow cleaning

Our EMS Airflow is fantastic for those patients who have been left with stubborn stains after their braces are removed. The EMS Airflow will leave your newly straightened teeth naturally whiter and brighter for longer.

If you have any questions on cleaning your braces or dental wires, or would like to book our orthodontic clean please call us on 01872 859948.

Orthodontic Polish
EMS Airflow

This Orthodontic clean combined with our EMS Airflow will gently remove 100% of all plaque and stains using antibacterial salt spray with warm water. This superior clean is the preferred method for cleaning braces effectively as it is powerful yet kind to braces/wires.

orthodontic clean with Airflow