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Student Scale & Polish – 10% OFF select treatments in Cornwall

Ages 17-22 years old with a valid ID Card.

We understand students may not prioritize their teeth cleans during their times studying and working therefore we cater for all student hygiene needs providing 10% off the full price on a selection of treatments (for existing patients only). This helps students maintain an optimum level of oral health in their early adult years.

  1. Express Scale & Polish – £45 (£5 OFF)
  2. Classic Scale & Polish - £58.50 (£6.50 OFF)
  3. Ultraclean with EMS Airflow - £76.50 (£8.50 OFF)
  4. Orthodontic Scale & Polish - £76.50 (£8.50 OFF)

*The 10% student discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with the additional '£5 off New Patient Introductory Offer' nor applicable to any Cosmetic Treatments such as teeth whitening or facial aesthetics and other discounted offers.

Student Scale & Polish treatments
Childrens Hygienist Cornwall

Young Person Scale & Polish - £35 to £70

Approximate 20 - 30 min hygiene appointment (Ages 5-16 years old)

This treatment often Includes plaque disclosing where required and a fantastic tooth brushing guide to help young patients maintain great oral health.  Our hygienists will slowly and gently remove any plaque and tartar build-up that appears after disclosing ensuring the young person has a clean and healthy mouth after each appointment. Extended appoinments are available for patients who require a longer treatment.

Childrens Hygienist Cornwall

Tips in maintaining healthy teeth at a young age:

  • Try and minimise drinking sugary drinks or sipping fruit juices throughout the day. This can quickly lead to acid erosion of the teeth enamel over time.
  • Consume less sugary snacks and minimise general grazing on foods every few hours as this can often expedite teeth decay as teeth come into continuous contact with food debris without being cleaned or washed away.
  • Drink water after eating to help wash away/dilute any foods on the teeth surface.
  • Remember to brush teeth twice a day.

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