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At The Dental Hygiene Suite in Cornwall, we treat all patients individually and tailor our treatments around your needs and lifestyle. Please find details of our extensive range of services below - if you have any queries or would like to talk through a particular treatment, please call us on 01872 859948.

 Scale & Polish Treatments

Scale & Polish Treatments

  • Express Scale & Polish:

    An effective hygiene clean perfect for patients with light stains, plaque and tartar buildup helping to maintain fresh breath, optimise oral health and brighten smile.

  • Classic Scale & Polish:
    An invigorating hygiene clean for patients wishing to remove moderate stains, plaque and tartar buildup. Leaving teeth feeling silky smooth and dazzling. Great for patient for patients with gum disease and implant maintenance programme.
  • Ultraclean & Jet Air Polish:
    Our most advanced teeth clean, well suited for patients looking to brighten their teeth naturally. Using a revolutionary Jet Air Polish, this gentle treatment is safe for all surfaces of the tooth, veneers or implants. It works wonders to remove deep ingrained stains, plaque and tartar buildup, ultimately leaving teeth sensationally ultraclean.

Treatment of Gum Disease

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy - A clean specific for combating gum disease providing a deep clean around the teeth and below the gumline effectively removing plaque and tartar build up where it can’t be cleaned by tooth brushing alone, improving pocket depths, bleeding gum severity, reducing gum inflammation, freshen breath and improve over all oral health.

Each treatment includes a Oral Hygiene assessment and advice, detailed pocket charting to monitor the pocket depths of gums and a thorough clean using our Perio-flow ultrasonic device to remove plaque/tartar gently helping to improve gum condition.

We recommend every session to have a treatment review 2 months after the final gum disease mouth clean so we re-chart periodontal pockets and monitor healing response helping to maintain patient’s gum health and wellbeing.

  • Quarter Mouth:
    30 mins £80
  • Half Mouth:
    60 mins £160
  • Full mouth:
    From £360

*These prices are a guideline only and may vary from patient to patient dependant on severity of periodontal health.

Treatment of gum disease
Orthodontic clean & polish

Orthodontic Scale & Polish


A gentle clean specifically tailored for patients with braces, safely removing any plaque or tartar buildup around your teeth. We also demonstrate how to keep your braces clean benefitting teeth and gum health and also provide complimentary diet advice ensuring optimum oral health can be maintained.

It is also a great clean for those patients who have just had their braces removed to give your new straightened teeth a fresh, brighter appearance without the need for teeth whitening.

Young person & student hygiene

Student Hygiene

10% OFF

10% OFF our Express, Classic, Ultraclean and Othodontic Scale & Polish treatments available to any student ages 17 -22  yearsold with a valid Student ID Card.

Excludes 10% off with additional New Patient Introductory Offer, Cosmetic Treatments and other discounted offers.

Young person & student hygiene

Young Person Scale & Polish


A super-gentle teeth clean where required, removing any plaque and tartar buildup. Includes plaque disclosing and tooth brushing guide to help maintain great oral health.

Ages from 5-16 years old

Exper Teeeth Whitening

Expert Teeth Whitening


Our teeth whitening is a safe and convenient home kit prescribed by dental professionals enabling anyone looking to whiten enhancing their teeth’s shade to a whiter shade in as little as 1 hour a day for 2 weeks at home.

Each streamlined appointment involves an Express Scale & Polish to remove existing light stains in order to get the best whitening results and a pre-whitening suitability assessment by our GDC registered dentist. We create custom whitening trays for each patient and provide a complete set of whitening syringes.

Results will vary depending on the severity of the original shade and will not be effective on crowns, fillings, implants and veneers. We can provide more advice or information prior to booking helping to answer any queries.

 Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

From £250

We provide FREE consultation for every patient. Our high quality dermal filler gel formula is made of hyaluronic acid which is extremely safe, effective and long-lasting providing immediate and natural results for patients filling fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Our dermal filler is suitable for anyone over 20 years old where facial lines have become visible influenced by social and environmental factors.

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