The Dental Hygiene Suite offers fantastic value for all new patients with our 'New Patient Offer'. This 30 minute service provides an oral hygiene assessment, screen for gum disease, oral cancer examination, diet advice, fresh breath advice and a tailored dental routine. It's also a great way for us to introduce ourselves and review our services for future dental hygiene treatments.

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You can arrange a New Patient Offer treatment in numerous ways - through email, over the phone, through our social media pages or direct, by walk-in off the street. We offer convenient working hours outside of the regular weekday 9-5 services that other hygienists offer - including late night on Thursday and Saturday mornings.


Meet our friendly hygienist. They will briefly discuss your current oral hygiene regime and lifestyle with you whilst also reviewing your medical history.

the dental hygiene practice, the dental hygiene suite studio

the dental hygiene suite mouth screening process


We will screen your mouth for any signs of gum disease, acid erosion, bad breath, mouth cancer, and discuss how we can individually tailor your current oral hygiene routine to suit your lifestyle/habits ensuring you maintain a healthy mouth.


Our hygienist will begin to gently de-scale your teeth working carefully around the gum line and tooth surfaces. This will improve signs of gum inflammation and possible bleeding whilst removing visible stain and tartar build up making your teeth look naturally brighter.

the dental hygiene suite de-scale service

the dental hygiene suite high shine polish


A final ‘high shine’ polish will be applied to your teeth to buff and remove any fine surface stains that will remarkably transform the look of lackluster teeth.

Our finishing results will leave you with teeth looking glossy and whiter in appearance whilst providing a fresher mouth sensation making you feel more confident when you smile.

the dental hygiene practice, the dental hygiene suite studio

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