Experiencing Dentine Sensitivity?

Are you suffering with sensitive teeth due to receding gums? Over 69% of the population experience dental hypersensitivity at some point in their lives.

Our short video provides a brief insight into what can cause dentine sensitivity sensation and how you can manage to treat this if it persists.

Mouth Cancer Awareness

As it's Mouth Cancer Awareness month (1st-30th Nov),we wanted to highlight the importance of recognising any unusual changes within your mouth that may be of a concern and our video demonstrates some simple checks that you can do at home to keep yourself healthy.

Keeping Teeth Clean Whilst Wearing Braces

Keeping teeth clean around braces particularly after consuming foods can sometimes be tricky. Here's a brief video we've put together with some great pointers on how to keep your mouth clean regularly whilst wearing them.

Bleeding Gum Prevention

Seeing blood after brushing teeth or flossing may look terrifying to some but to others plays a daily part of their oral hygiene regime. Our short video highlights some of the causes that could be affecting bleeding gums and we show you how to prevent it occurring.

Tooth Whitening Do's & Dont's

Always wondered how to get brighter whiter teeth? Take a peak at our latest video advising you on the best whitening options available on the market whatever your budget and highlighting what to be aware of to ensure you get the desired results you want.

Scale & Polish

We have only 1 set of adult teeth in our lifetime and they're under a constant threat of plaque build up and staining that can lead to gum disease and decay. Visiting a dental hygienist will help ensure that these daily threats are kept at bay long term and mouth in good health.

Our short video demonstrates the great benefits of having a 'Scale and Polish' and what to expect from a routine dental hygiene appointment.

A good note to remember...

Dental Hygienist = Prevention
Dentist = Cure

Hidden Sugar

Summer is well underway and although a mix bag weather-wise some of the season's tasty food and drinks consumed in our daily diets can be a minefield when maintaining good oral hygiene.

Check out our short video highlighting some of the sugary culprits and helpful advice to minimise any dental decay without spoiling the fun.

Cleaning Children's Teeth

This video highlights the importance of brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste from a young age. High amounts of sugar are contained within many different foods and drinks therefore keeping teeth clean is paramount in minimising plaque buildup. Our demonstration showcases how to clean children’s teeth to help minimise decay and prevent any cavities appearing.

Interdental Cleaning Aids

To benefit from an extra clean mouth interdental cleaning aids can assist in removing plaque, stain and food debris between teeth. Our short video highlights what is available in the shops, their importance and demonstrates how to use them effectively.

Manual vs Electric Toothbrush

Sometimes we all know brushing your teeth can feel like a chore. Here's our quick guide showing you how to brush your teeth effectively without damaging your gums and preventing recession enabling you to smile with confidence.

The Dental Hygiene Suite - 1st Episode

Just a little welcome video to you all!! Thank you for liking our page since we opened our new suite. We're really passionate about looking after your teeth and gums so hopefully some of our simple oral health tips and advice can be helpful to your cleaning regime. Please feel free to share.

Why choose us?

The Dental Hygiene Suite first opened its doors in June 2016 and was founded by Catherine Owers and Leon Leondiades. We offer a dedicated direct access dental hygiene service that is available to all, whether “walking in off the street”, by appointment or on a referral basis by your dentist.

We offer a great new flexible, caring and efficient dental cleaning service where you can now book an appointment with a dental hygienist without the need to visit a dentist first. This means that you are able to continue to see your NHS/ private dentist as normal elsewhere and visit us for your dental hygiene appointments (cosmetically or for the treatment of gum disease).

Catherine Owers

(DipHyg BDH) Bristol GDC 180960 Principle Hygienist

Catherine has been involved in the dental industry for 10 years. She has worked for private dental practices including a specialist implant clinic in Bristol working closely with several periodontal specialists (gum specialists) who are all at the forefront of their career. Catherine has found their insight and knowledge into treating patients with gum disease significant when treating her own patients with the condition.

Patients who are nervous, anxious or maybe have had a bad experience in the past is never a challenge to Catherine. She prides herself on developing a treatment plan around patients’ needs building their confidence and helping them to overcome dental hygiene phobias.

catherine owers dental hygienist, the dental hygiene suite

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